Barbara Scholl's bestseller: Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers

Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers

Effective and sustainable help with anxiety, bullying, bedwetting, ADHD and other problems.

In this book you will learn what the highly effective, yet gentle child hypnosis can do for children and adolescents in a very short time. It is aimed at interested parents and professionals.

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Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers

Bestseller in GIGER Verlag

In the book Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents you will learn, how hypnosis for children works in detail and how issues such as ADHD, bedwetting, anxiety, learning blocks, bullying, depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. can be solved with the help of the subconscious mind.

You will find out how the subconscious mind of any person, no matter how young, can hold a solution and how hypnotherapy for children and teenagers can unblock the powers of the subconscious mind.


The practical HypnoKids® guide

Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers

No child, no teenager in this world should have to carry around worries, pain, fears or suffering for years, especially when there are ingenious solutions like hypnotherapy.
The exciting, sometimes amazing case studies in the book show how Young Minds, the Next Generation, how children and teenagers can be helped quickly and gently, as well as efficiently. Barbara also teaches more than 20 fascinating tools for everyday family life to consciously strengthen the subconscious of children.

+ Members worldwide in the HypnoKids Family

+ Online lessons available in the OMNI Academy

+ Hours of video material for your continuing education

Consultant and instructor with many years of expertise

Grüezi, Welcome, Bem-Vindo! My name is Barbara Scholl and I am HypnoKids® Trainer | Author | Speaker OMNI & NGH cert. I ensure that hypnotherapists can work in a result-oriented way, especially in hypnotherapy for children and adolescents.

As a trainer at OMNI, the leading global organization for hypnosis training and continuing education with more than 50 locations in 20 countries, I am happy to be your contact for questions about HypnoKids®.

In the OMNI family, the focus is on training in professional, state-of-the-art hypnotherapy. We work evidence-based and hand in hand with science.

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