Hypnotherapy for children with HypnoKids® Expert Barbara Scholl

The HypnoKids® therapy

The causes of most anxieties, phobias and other difficulties are stored in the subconscious mind of both children and adults. Through playful but specific instructions, I lead the child in a hypnotic state to the source of his or her problem, where we then solve the problem together in teamwork. Improvements can be achieved within a very short time. Ideal, because I believe kids belong on the soccer field, on trampolines or behind cool books – and not on a therapy couch for weeks and weeks…!

Children react particularly well to hypnosis because they have a natural desire for experiences and ideas. By means of exciting stories and cool visualizations, I take the child on a special journey into his own subconscious and give him the key to how he himself can dissolve the origin, “the thorn” of his concern.

In the pre-talk, I use gadgets and cool convincers to visualize to the children how powerful their mind is and how we solve his problem in hypnosis. 

Since the “Subconscious Mind” is a very abstract term for youngsters, HypnoKids® developed a tailor-made 3D visualization of the Subconscious! The 3D goggles can be used in the pre-talk to help the child imagine what his “Subconscious” looks like.   The fascination for this therapy landscape of HypnoKids® is so intense, that the door of inner healings opens up broadly and the results of the classic hypnotherapy session which follows the pre-talk, are very successful!

The pride and the wealth of experience which the child experiences during this process is a gift in itself – because it lets the child experience and feel that it is capable of helping itself, also in the future.

Children are usually mature enough from the age of 5 to benefit from the advantages of hypnosis. You can positively influence the effect by supporting your child before and after hypnosis with tools from “HypoKids® for parents” (consult my BESTSELLER for these tools – English translation available on marktet soon).

answers to the most frequently asked questions

Which topics can be treated with child hypnosis?
  • All topics around Sleeping, Nightmares and Monsters below the bed
  • All types of fears & phobias
  • Strong fear of loss or seperation
  • Bed-wetting / Enuresis
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Tics and compulsive behavior
  • Lack of concentration (ADHD)
  • Exam and test anxiety at school
  • Low self-esteem
  • Aggressive bahavior
  • Depressive episodes
  • Self Mutualation
  • Eating disorders
  • Social Phobias
How do I book an appointment for my child?

In my online calendar you can easily choose an appointment for your child, book “First session for children” and then choose my name “Barbara Scholl”.  Depending on the age of the child, a first session takes between 1/1.5 – 2 hours. 

(If telephone or written consultation is necessary in advance, please contact me)

I will then send you a HypnoKids data sheet by e-mail, which you must complete and return to me by e-mail.

In this way I can prepare for the session with your child – and just as importantly – your child does not have to sit there for much longer and follow the conversations about basic information between parent/parent and hypnotherapist. There is also information that your child does not want or should not listen to – therefore the data sheet is an ideal channel.

In case of very small or very shy children, I ask you to ask your child to bring his or her favourite cuddly toy. I can then start the communication via the cuddly toy or under certain circumstances I can let it run completely over the cuddly toy – of course also here, while your child is in a relaxed hypnotic state


How does the child hypnosis session proceed?
  1. Preliminary talk (10 minutes approximately)
  2. Hypnosis session with the child (1-1.5 hours, depending on age)
  3. Follow-up discussion with parent/parent (about 10 minutes)

First we hold a preliminary talk together for about 10 minutes, child, parent/parent and myself. We get to know each other and the child can “sniff me a little”. In simple words we formulate the aim of the therapy in consultation with all those involved, so that the child in particular knows and understands exactly why I am in child hypnosis and how the session will proceed.

During the preliminary talk I will explain what child hypnosis is in accordance with the child’s age. The child, as well as of course the parents/parents, may and should clarify all questions. After “sniffing” and clarifying all questions, the parents/parents wait outside in the waiting room. If the child wishes, the door can also be left open a little bit.

Afterwards I have a personal conversation with the child and get to know him/her better. Important topics for me are among others: Hobby, best friend, favourite (house) animal, best holidays, favourite place at home, favourite comic figure, coolest game, favourite TV, favourite reading meal, etc.

As a mother of 3 children (meanwhile teenagers) I have a good connection to children, they are very close to my heart and I think you can feel my goodwill. You can’t fool children – they have very fine antennae and exactly this directness, their humour, their curiosity, their blooming fantasy and their inner strength is something I always find admirable and inspiring.

After the therapy session the parents/parents come back in and I give a general feedback how the therapy went.

Mostly the children describe that the therapy “flew by” – this because hypnosis is gentle, exciting and fascinating, especially for children!

The child can then decide for himself what he wants to tell and likes to tell. As I am bound to secrecy towards the child (very important for the relationship of trust) I am not allowed to pass on any details.

Every child is different, some tell a story like a bubbling waterfall, others tell it little by little – give your child time, he/she does it at the pace and at the time that is right for him/herself. But you will be able to tell very quickly from your child’s nature what he or she has achieved and solved in child hypnosis therapy – parents “les read” their children well and quickly – let yourself be surprised.

For children a second session within 2-3 weeks is useful. The second session lasts another hour and serves to check whether the child’s problem has been completely solved and to strengthen the new positive thoughts, the new behaviour and the positive feelings. For certain more demanding topics, a third session can make sense. However, this is always discussed on the spot. This appointment can then also only take place after 2-3 months.

If you have any questions or ambiguities, I will of course be at your disposal even after the therapy.

What satisfied customers say

Topic: Can’t sleep alone in his bed

This boy came to me in therapy because he still could not manage to sleep alone in his bed. He suffered from extreme fear of loss and slept on a mattress in his parents’ room. He was not able to stay with a friend or in a scout camp. During the hypnosis therapy it became apparent that the boy had not processed the sudden death of his grandfather 4 years ago and therefore showed these symptoms in everyday life. He missed his beloved grandfather extremely. By means of the efficient HypnoKids (R) method, the boy was able to process the loss of the “Nonnos” and develop new strategies, so that he and all his loved ones can weigh in safety, anytime and anywhere. This new “primal trust” allowed the boy to sleep alone in his bed that same evening. The feedback from his parents was a great relief and joy.

Boy, 8

Topic: Fear of water (swimming)

Swimming was a “no go” for this little girl. In the summer she could play in the shallow water in the bathing area, but she was panic-stricken to go into deeper water, even a small slide into the water was a horror for the otherwise healthy and happy girl. In the HypnoKids® Data Sheet the mother had informed me in advance that the birth of her daughter, an emergency cesarean section, had been a very stressful event. During the hypnosis therapy with this girl I checked how her subconscious had stored the birth. The girl described a feeling as black, dark color in her body. With the gentle method of HypnoKids® this girl was able to remove the black scary color  herself from her body and refill it with the color baby blue. The baby blue she said was her pool for her baby dolphins in it! In the second session we strengthened the visualization by her imagining swimming and playing in the pool with the baby dolphins, splashing water and riding on their backs. According to the girl’s parents, she made great progress at the indoor swimming pool. They bought her an inflatable dolphin and she now only wants to get out of the water when her lips start turning blue…

Very young children are cognitively not yet mature enough to follow the process for regression. Therefore, the HypnoKids® method uses magic stories, child adapted parts therapy, direct suggestions and compounding to achieve the goals of very young children.

Girl, 6

Thema: Boy no longer wants to go to kindergarten

This boy came to me in therapy because he absolutely refused to go on to kindergarten from one day to the next. He refused to tell anyone why, but he refused kindergarten in tears and anger. During the hypnosis therapy it turned out that the boy had seen a TV report about “Killer Clowns in Cities” and this put him in mortal fear. Maybe you can remember the headlines in the media not too long ago: “Killer Clowns (with masks) in cities combined with terrible violence”. I showed him how, in a hypnotic state, he could remove these frightening images from his head and he also installed a cool, strong shield for day and night. Problem solved – thanks to the access to the subconscious in the hypnotic state you can see what wonderful results are possible – in such a short time

Boy, 6

Topic: intensive urge to move, low ability to concentrate or distraction tendency high

This boy, an absolute joyful nature, longed for peace in his own body. A beautiful description – very apt and well formulated – of himself. I showed the boy how to reach the pleasantly relaxing state of relaxation with a lightning hypnosis within a short time and how to sink even deeper. With this boy I put the accent on experiencing and feeling absolutely deep “somnambulism”. This state of deep physical relaxation, coupled with mental relaxation can be a blessing for restless children. They have the necessary calmness to feel their own body, to perceive it and then store this (partly new!) feeling deep inside. This boy now comes to me in regular intervals of 2-3 months to a strengthen this feeling again and again. He also has a tailor-made audio file of mine, which he listens to regularly when he wants to come to rest. A beautiful collaboration.

Boy, 9

Grüezi, Welcome, Bem-Vindo! My name is Barbara Scholl and I am HypnoKids® Trainer | Author | Speaker OMNI & NGH cert. I ensure that hypnotherapists can work in a result-oriented way, especially in hypnotherapy for children and adolescents.

As a trainer at OMNI, the leading global organization for hypnosis training and continuing education with more than 50 locations in 20 countries, I am happy to be your contact for questions about HypnoKids®.

You don't have a basic hypnosis training yet? Don't worry! My personal recommendation: Check out the OMNI Hypnosis Training.

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