Use virtual reality in child and teen hypnosis

HypnoKids® IGC is the fast connection to children and teens

Our virtual world of the Inner Golden Centre, in which the children and teens can move around, ensures an immediate rapport. This makes the sessions playfully simple.


What you need to use HypnoKids VR in your practice is

the training HypnoKids (online or in presence)

a Meta Quest 2 or higher (VR glasses)

an Account with Meta (Oculus) to download the app

The HypnoKids® Inner Golden Center:

IGC is a warm, pleasantly safe fantasy world that nevertheless has a lot to do with our real world.
From the first glance at this 3D “children’s book”, children and young people are immediately enchanted.

the virtual world completely surrounds the children and there is much to discover

No big explanations are necessary, as we immerse ourselves in this world with the children and experience it together

there are different “rooms” available from which we can choose which ones suit the child or teenager

a real journey – from trauma to resolution – can be made in IGC with the child

by using the HypnoKids® IGC we magically open the door to the child’s emotions

inner healing can thus happen in a completely natural way

The HypnoKids® Inner Golden Center opens the door to inner healing

The HypnoKids® IGC builds a quick connection to the emotional world of children and teens. Existing emotional obstacles disappear as they travel through the wonderful, virtual world. Adults also benefit from this powerful therapeutic tool: adopted adults, refugees, people who have suffered abuse (psychological and physical) can let go of their traumas.

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They already use HypnoKids® Inner Golden Center


I have been using VR goggles for several years to create a connection with children and adolescents already in the preliminary conversation, in which we can solve the most diverse issues of the children together with hypnosis.

With very young children, therapy can already be done with the VR goggles, in a very playful way. Together we dive into this magically programmed and animated world of IGC and go quite playfully in search of the solution to the problem.

For children from about school age, I use the VR glasses in every preliminary consultation, on the one hand to create a connection and to show what wonderful world will await them during the hypnosis with me. Following the glasses, the hypnosis can take place much more easily and the children already have an idea of what it can approximately look like in the IGC. The kids are also always excited and often ask for another short “outing” with the glasses at the 2nd appointment, simply because it’s so great.

I also use the VR goggles with teens to show them how to imagine this world before the hypnosis. Even the really “cool” ones, despite their coolness, can be drawn out this way and create a very relaxed start to the session.

I can no longer imagine my work with children without the use of the glasses, since even shy or somewhat wait-and-see children are quite easy to inspire. From me there is a 100% recommendation. Thanks to the super developer team ❤️

Sonja Hartmann


Well! This old lady with very poor IT skills actually managed to install and run the VR software and link it to my phone! I LOVE that ability! Oh my goodness!
The  graphics are way better than expected!
The sounds are excellent! I’m really impressed!
The kids will love this!
I need to practice more to ensure the rooms ‘flow’. Thank you for your patience with me! I am so grateful to Baba for her incredible inspiration at HTLive last year that led to me qualifying as a HypnoKids Therapist and of course to Sabine Brüß for her creation and encouragement.

Jill Lien, WY USA

Big Horn Wellness Solutions

Get the HypnoKids® IGC to start in your practice.

Use the latest and most modern technology, because that’s what sets you apart from your competition. Use the magic of the virtual world!

Any Questions?


From what age can I use the VR glasses?

From the age of 4-5 years you can use the glasses. Just make sure that the lenses in the glasses look further “in”, otherwise the child will not see anything (see installation guide).

When do I use HypnoKids® VR?

After the introduction, you simply ask the child if he or she would like to look at something great in the glasses. And then you’re off! You explain the IGC while the child looks around. In our experience, no child has ever refused.

Can I see what the child / teen sees?

Yes, if you “stream” to your cell phone. Our installation guide shows you how to do that. But if you are familiar with IGC, this is not absolutely necessary.

How do I communicate with the child / teen when they have their glasses on?

Simple. Have the child describe what they see, how they feel, and guide them through the IGC. It’s as if the child can move around in a 3D story. See our visual guide for details.

On what do I have to pay special attention when I use HypnoKids® VR in the practice?

The child / teen is very often immediately in a moderate trance. The gate to the subconscious is wide open. Watch your words, talk to the child in an age-appropriate way, use the opportunity for positive suggestions.

Are the different rooms assigned to different topics or problems of the children / teens?

Yes and no. The Treehole and the Bubble Room are mostly suitable for small children, the rest can be used from school age. You can use the rooms regardless of the theme. Let your intuition be your guide.

Do I need to be well versed in IGC myself?

But yes! Only then can you choose a sensible room for the child / teen and accompany him professionally.

Can I hypnotize the child / teen with the glasses in front of his eyes?

The child / teen is already in trance as soon as he/she is in the IGC. You don’t have to do anything else in addition.

Do I do the troubleshooting while the child / teen has the glasses on?

You can, but it is not necessary. Let the child close his eyes and then take off the glasses. Now you continue to work normally.

Aren't the glasses too uncomfortable for the child / teen?

If you fit the glasses properly to the child (see installation guide), it’s not a problem.

How long do I leave the glasses on the child / teen?

Until it has absorbed everything it needs to continue working. This may well take a while.

Does the HypnoKids® VR replace the actual therapy of the child / teen?

No. The integrated 3D IGC supports the child in its imagination. He can experience the IGC directly. So you don’t have to explain anything awkwardly anymore. The work and the communication between you will be easier and much faster.

Can I use the glasses on adults as well?

Of course. After all, adults are just big kids! We like to use VR with very “cerebral” clients, because their subconscious immediately reacts to this wonderful 3D world.

What else do I have to pay attention to if I want to work with the HypnoKids® VR?

The child / teen should sit securely, preferably already in the hypnosis chair. For the glasses, there are a few points that should always be checked. Charging of the glasses and the controllers. If you want to stream, the glasses and the cell phone must be in the same WLAN network (see installation guide.).

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