Information about hypnosis therapy - HypnoKids® Expert Barbara Scholl

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All information around a hypnosis therapy

After you have booked an appointment with me, the following procedure takes place:

1. preliminary talk and anamnesis

Here I explain to you once again all the details about hypnosis, the actual hypnosis therapy and your personal role and responsibility in it. This can take a good 30 – 60 minutes for an initial consultation.

2. clarification of all outstanding questions from the client

Here you can ask all questions that you should still have about hypnosis and hypnosis therapy and get them answered openly and honestly.

3. definition of goals and expectations of the client

What exactly do you expect from hypnosis therapy? What should the result be?

4. introduction/production of hypnosis and deepening

Ca. 1 – 7 minutes

5.actual hypnotherapy

Approx. 30 – 75 minutes, depending on topic

6. Dissolving the hypnosis

7. If necessary follow-up discussion

8. Feedback/follow-up

For a first appointment you should therefore allow up to 3 hours.

It may be necessary to make a second appointment, especially if various topics need to be dealt with (i.e. smoking cessation, weight stabilisation, mood swings or sleep problems).

Usually, if the client is going into deep hypnosis and the hypnosis therapy is intensive, then the second appointment serves primarily to consolidate the desired state. Very often the client enjoys this second appointment very much, because he is already familiar with the wonderful dimension of hypnosis and can therefore relax even more and feel the confirmation that everything is and will be fine. Some clients are so taken by the state of hypnosis that they want to learn self-hypnosis in a follow-up session, so that they can independently and at any time call up this unique state.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that no serious hypnotherapist makes any promises of healing – you won’t get them from a doctor either. It always takes two for a successful therapy – the trained therapist on the one hand and on the other hand, the client, who also allows the desired change. It is teamwork – but I can say that in most cases, a wonderful end result is achieved. Often very touching and connected with an immense relief and gratitude. Hypnosis IS fantastic.

Prices for hypnosis therapy

(after clarification of the concern and appropriate procedure)
It is very important to me to consult you personally before the therapy. Please contact me by phone, and we will clarify which personalized hypnotherapy process is most appropriate and efficient for you, your child or your teen.
Due to my professional travel schedule and my commitment to promoting child and adolescent hypnosis at international congresses, I can only offer therapies on a limited basis and upon personal request. Therefore, if it is not possible for me to see you, your child, or your teenager in person, I will make the appropriate contact with OMNI / HypnoKids® specialists.
By the way, all HypnoKids® therapists are personally trained by me.
Cancel or reschedule: please notify me 48 hrs before the appointment. Thank you.
EMERGENCY sessions: by appointment.
“Stop Smoking” in English: 3 consecutive sessions, price on request.
“Stop Addiction” in English: 3 consecutive sessions, price on request.
(Payment possible in cash, EC card or TWINT)  
Hypnosis is a drug-free treatment method without side effects and is used extremely successfully for various problems or difficulties. A treatment with hypnosis works so well because the changed state of consciousness makes the subconscious more open to suggestions that can solve problems.
Serious hypnotists do not make promises of healing and do not diagnose diseases. As a hypnotherapist, I activate the client’s self-recognition and self-healing powers with my methods and my knowledge. I explicitly point out that my therapy methods should not and cannot replace a visit to the doctor or his diagnostic work or treatment. This also applies to taking or stopping medication or therapies that have been prescribed and recommended by the doctor. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor.


All therapies are available in English as well.