Hypnotherapy for teenagers with HypnoKids® expert Barbara Scholl

Finding the connection to Teens…


…fascinates me and makes me happy. I think that as a mother of three teenagers and as a passionate, long-time specialist teacher of English at secondary level, I have developed a good feeling for young people. Maybe it is also that the teenagers feel my goodwill, because it is really close to my heart to help the young people in these partly “bumpy years” to be able to jet forward again with joyful courage and full of strength and joy of life. If I get positive feedback from the teenagers after the hypnosis therapy that they feel better, this is the most wonderful feedback for me.


Parents… are also very welcome in my therapy, by the way. I often experience that especially mothers come to me and ask if they could come to me for therapy. I find this an extremely valuable collaboration, because it is not uncommon for mothers to juggle job, household and children all at the same time. It is not uncommon for these women to forget themselves because of all the work of Hercules, and some of them also carry with them demanding divorce stories, feelings of guilt and everyday worries. Talk to me about this. I will listen to you and we will tailor the hypnosis therapy to you personally. Experience how wonderful it feels to cast off “old” ballast in hypnosis – because you deserve to be happy and feel the lightness of life.


Important: Of course, I am under a duty of confidentiality and do not pass on to parents any information that the teenagers have confided in me during therapy. The teenagers themselves decide what they tell at home. Vice versa, the same applies when a parent comes to me. 

The concrete benefit of hypnosis therapy for teens

Difficulty concentrating:  

Does your daughter or son have difficulty concentrating at school, on homework or on exams? In hypnosis, I will get to the bottom of the causes and triggers together with your daughter/your son and dissolve these “wrong connections” in the subconscious and occupy them anew in a positive and lasting way, so that an improvement of this ability occurs immediately.

Depressive moods:  

Is your daughter/son often quiet, melancholy and withdrawn? Is there a lack of youthful high spirits and contact with colleagues of the same age? Maybe she/he suffers from a depressive disgruntlement. Talk to your family doctor about the possibility of modern hypnotherapy. Call me or write to me, there are wonderful applications for hypnosis for these symptoms. I will listen and then we will find a solution together. Because: “Everybody has the right to be happy”.

Test anxiety / general anxiety:

Does your daughter or son black out on exams? Is she/he not able to recall what she/he has learned at the desired time? Does she/he suffer from sleeping problems or other symptoms? The trigger or the cause for this fear often lies in unfavourable “programming” in the subconscious. In the hypnotic state I identify, in cooperation with your teenager, the trigger in the subconscious, delete it and reoccupy it positively. Again, results are not long in coming. In most cases the fears have disappeared for a long time and the joy of the new lightness and self-confidence before exams or other situations is great.

Bullying, lack of self-esteem:

Does your child suffer bullying? Here it is important to act immediately. Bullying can take place at school or, increasingly often, on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Here the preliminary talk between parents, teenagers and myself is very important, so that the handling of these media can be discussed amicably. The first thing I do in a hypnotic state is to boost the teen’s “defenses” so that the teen can stand up to the often extremely painful bullying. In addition, I check whether there is any false programming stored in the subconscious. If so, I dissolve them and reassess them positively so that the teenager can avoid such situations in the future or defend himself accordingly. Often teenagers who come to me for very emotional topics come to a follow-up session, because they find the strengthening of their self-esteem very healing and strengthening. In the second session, the teenagers go into hypnosis extremely quickly and deeply because they already know the condition and have confidence in it. They are already “professionals”… how cool.

Exam preparation for high school, LAP, university studies etc.:

Here I can tell you from my own experience that hypnosis for exam preparation is a great joker card. My 3 own teens were prepared by my brother Hansruedi Wipf in only 1 hypnosis session for the Gymi exam. With a lot of calmness, self-confidence and strong self-confidence in their acquired knowledge, they mastered these tests. Of course, hypnosis therapy does not replace buffeting, but it allows the examinees to recall the knowledge in a targeted and reliable way and to feel a strong inner confidence. Legal doping the cool way.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What if my daughter/son doesn't want to come to therapy?

Here it is important to cleverly arouse the curiosity of the teenager. Because how cool can hypnosis be? Also explain to your teen that a single session is usually enough to solve the problem. So no weeks of talking therapy, no, but the combination of 1. getting to know the cool dimension of hypnosis and 2. solving the problem quickly and lastingly. Give your daughter/your son a little time to get used to the idea. Don’t put any pressure on your teen, but encourage them to click through this website at a suitable moment and without obligation. Then the curiosity of every teenager can work wonders…

My daughter, my son doesn't want me in the room at the therapy session. Is that okay?

Of course. After the preliminary talk, which usually takes place together with the teen’s parents, I work with the teenager alone. The teenager decides for himself what he wants to tell the mother/father about the therapy afterwards. I am bound by confidentiality and respect the teenager’s privacy. Give your daughter/your son time. They often want to classify the impressions and feelings that you have experienced during the hypnosis therapy first for themselves. Often the teenagers then tell you little by little that it only takes a little time and patience. Meaningful, isn’t it?

Meine Tochter/mein Sohn nimmt rezeptflichtige Medikamente ein. Kann sie/er trotzdem in die Hypnosetherapie kommen?

Vermerken Sie bitte Folgendes: Seriöse Hypnotiseure machen keine Heilversprechungen und diagnostizieren auch keine Krankheiten. Als Hypnosetherapeutin aktiviere ich mit meinen Methoden und meinem Wissen die Selbsterkennungs- und Selbstheilungskräfte des Klienten. Ich weise ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass meine Therapiemethoden nicht den Besuch beim Arzt noch dessen diagnostische Tätigkeit oder Behandlung ersetzen sollen und können. Dies gilt ebenfalls für die Einnahme oder das Absetzen von Medikamenten oder Therapien die Ihnen vom Arzt verschrieben und empfohlen wurden. Im Zweifelsfalle fragen Sie Ihren Arzt. Besprechen Sie mit ihm die Möglichkeit einer Hypnosetherapie für Ihre Tochter/Ihr Sohn. Viele Mediziner sind heute gegenüber der modernen Hypnosetherapie sehr aufgeschlossen und unterstützen diesen Weg.

How many times must my daughter/son come to therapy?

I have good news for you here. Often a single session is enough to make a lasting and strong improvement or even to eliminate the problem completely. One topic can be dealt with per session, so if there are different concerns, a follow-up session is useful. Often after the 1st session, however, the teenager is very enthusiastic about hypnosis and they like to come again, because they know it helps and is cool.   Sometimes, however, other problems resolve themselves, because they are subconsciously related to the issue that was discussed in the first session. It should also be noted that a follow-up session usually takes about an hour, as the teenagers are already highly motivated to go deep into hypnosis, as they already know the way to this wonderful state. So I often let the teenagers in the second session already put themselves into hypnosis with a playful induction. This is fun …..

What satisfied customers say

Subject: Hyperhidrosis

A success story that shows that it’s worth sticking with: 18-year-old girl has been diagnosed by a doctor with “hyperhidrosis” (excessive sweating).  Hyperhidrosis started at the beginning of puberty and increased over time, placing extreme stress on the young girl. Over a period of 1.5 years we held 3 intensive therapy sessions. In addition to the regression work to resolve unfavorable programming in the past and to occupy these positively, I always intensively boosted the girl’s self-esteem. Each time the sweating became a little less. In addition, the girl has started to do more sports and to improve her personal fitness and thus her body awareness. 1 week after the last session I got the overjoyed call from the girl that she could go to the dance club for the first time without sweating a drop! Isn’t that just great? I am extremely happy for this young girl and would like to encourage others to go their way also with the support of hypnosis. It’s worthwhile to stay tuned!

Mia, 18

Thema: strong nausea in the morning before school, coupled with feelings of panic; fear of vomiting in public

After a stomach flu, I had the feeling every morning for several weeks that I had to vomit after waking up and that made me panic. I was also afraid I would have to vomit outside when I was around people. Since I was already once in hypnosis, I went mega deep and fast into hypnosis with Barbara. It was cool how we went back when I was little. There we found something that had to do with my being bad and we could remove it. Then Barbara installed something else great for me. I don’t want to write about that. In the 2 days after I was with Barbara, the badness was only there very little, but above all I had no more panic, I am mega happy. Best wishes, Giulia

Giulia, Teenager, 11

Thema: Choice of career

My mother told me that there is hypnosis to find out which profession you want to learn. I’m in 3rd sec B and I need to find a teaching. But I don’t know what I want to do. However, my parents and my teacher put pressure on me and so I said yes to hypnosis. Barbara was nice, first we talked about different things. Then she put me under hypnosis. I thought I was asleep but I was like between sleep and wakefulness. My body felt really heavy. Then we talked about me and what I really like, what gives me pleasure. It was like the first time I got to know myself so really from the inside. Barbara asked me questions, so that in time we found out what I really wanted to do professionally. That was really cool. I don’t want to go to school anymore, I want to do something with screwing and milling. I can feel that now and I am motivated to apply. My mother also knows now that it makes no sense to send me into a 10th school year, I want to start doing things and do things. Barbara has installed something else for me, that I can apply and introduce myself well. I will now step on the gas.

Marcel, Teenager, 15

Topic: Acute exam nerves

I was referred to Barbara on recommendation. I was in the middle of my final exams at the university and didn’t know what to do, the pressure was so heavy. I suffered from blackouts during the exams and what was even worse, I woke up at night covered in sweat and couldn’t fall asleep again because of panic. This created a vicious circle and I had to have help quickly. In a very intensive hypnosis session Barbara found the origin of my nightly panic attacks and dissolved these faulty links. In addition, Barbara set up a library for me in the state of hypnosis (including a cosy coffee corner), which would serve me during the exams in the future to be able to call up all my knowledge in a targeted manner. I felt enormously comfortable in my very private, crammed library and it was impressive how real it felt. After the hypnosis therapy I felt enormously relieved, I had thrown off a lot of old ballast and junk. I never would have thought that my present problems were related to events in my time as a small child. Thank you very much, Barbara. I will get in touch with you in the spring after my exams!


student 2016

Topic: Fear of flying

I heard from a friend at work about Barbara’s hypnotherapy. I work at a travel agency and I suffer from a fear of flying. It sounds weird, I know. I booked an appointment and went there with mixed feelings, because I had seen and read a lot about hypnosis and still didn’t know anything about it. I just trusted my girlfriend and I wanted to finally be able to get on a plane without panic fear. Barbara put me into the hypnotic state and I went back to my childhood like a rocket, where I was 4 years old and sat on a swing and rocked without holding on. I flew unbraked, very violently and head first from the swing to the ground so that I must have even fainted briefly because I couldn’t see anything. Barbara neutralized this situation and changed it so that I felt happy and safe on the swing and did not fall down. She then anchored this feeling and this security deep in my subconscious. I never thought that such a “banal” event in my childhood could cause my current fear of flying! I am curious about my next flight!

Remark: Mirella was able to fly without fear during the next holidays. But on the next flight she had a queasy feeling again. So we did a successful follow-up session after 6 months to double again and strengthen the subconscious. It is worthwhile to keep at it, the effort is small. Get in touch with us and we will follow up the “remaining problems” and solve them. Call me and we will discuss your request.

Mirella, 19

Grüezi, Welcome, Bem-Vindo! My name is Barbara Scholl and I am HypnoKids® Trainer | Author | Speaker OMNI & NGH cert. I ensure that hypnotherapists can work in a result-oriented way, especially in hypnotherapy for children and adolescents.

As a trainer at OMNI, the leading global organization for hypnosis training and continuing education with more than 50 locations in 20 countries, I am happy to be your contact for questions about HypnoKids®.

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