Barbara Scholl

Hypnosis therapist OHTC, NGH

Welcome. My name is Barbara Scholl and I grew up in Switzerland, Brazil and the USA. I am married and a mother of three teenagers. Through my brother, Hansruedi Wipf, I came into contact with hypnosis at teenage age.

In 2008 I completed the OMNI hypnosis training with my brother. Over the years I continued my professional training, covered many “therapy kilometres” and today my headlights are directed with great passion towards child hypnosis. 
In addition to my therapeutic work at the OMNI Hypnosis Centre in Effretikon near Zurich, I teach the HypnoKids® method on an international level. I enjoy speaking at international congresses on the subject of child hypnosis and exchanging ideas with other specialists in the field. 

The OMNI method of revealing, cause-oriented hypnosis is in my opinion the most efficient hypnosis for people of all ages to solve problems and symptoms. We work with OMNI regression (R2C) – but this has nothing to do with past lives or regressions! – No, it means that we travel back in the hypnotic state to the triggering event and rework it together with the client.

Our BEST SELLER “Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents” published by GIGER Verlag (Wipf&Scholl) was launched in May 2020 and allows to understand in an easy to understand way how the subconscious is formed in childhood and how it can be revised in child hypnosis. The book also contains 40 international, exciting case studies and over 20 concrete tips for parents on how to strengthen their child in everyday life so that it can reach its full potential.

It would be a great honour for me if I could also inspire you or your loved ones to use modern hypnosis therapy. Although I specialise in Kids & Teens, I have of course been welcoming adults in my practice at the OMNI Hypnosis Centre in Effretikon, ZH.

Sincerely, yours, Barbara Scholl

apprenticeships and trainings

After graduating with a B.A. degree in International Relations in 1990 from Emory University in Atlanta, USA, I worked in the private sector for 10 years. 3 Children and a short break later, I started teaching English at secondary school in 2003. In 2008 I completed the OMNI Hypnosis training with my brother in Zurich. Today, I work full-time as a hypnosis therapist at the official OMNI Hypnosis Center in Effretikon.


  • Author at GIGER Verlag, “Hypnosetherapy for Children and Adolescents” 2020
  • Launch HypnoKids® Virtual Reality 2019
  • Takeover of HypnoKids® Training Worldwide 2017
  • Perform AG Network Team Member
  • Speaker at Hypnosis Congresses in Europe and USA (HypnoThoughtLive)


  • HypnoMedicare 2019
  • HypnoSex 2019
  • K.E.E.N. Training Freddy Jacquin, Kelley Woods, USA 2019
  • Regression and Parts Therapy, Wendie Webber 2019
  • ChiroTrance, Uwe Sujata 2019
  • HypnoParenting, Mona Abdulrahim 2018
  • HypnoWaving®, L. Bigler/HR. 2018 Wipf
  • Working with the Inner Child, S. Schenk 2018
  • Hypnosis and Psychosis, Dr. M. Esslinger, S. Schenk 2016
  • HypnoSport®, Adrian Brüngger 2017
  • HypnoKids® Education, S. Mosimann 2017
  • “Blitz- und Schnellhypnose” Seminar, at Hansruedi Wipf 2016
  • “Active-wake-hypnosis” seminar with Claude Ribaux 2016
  • “Jerry Kein” Seminar 2013
  • “Never again fear” Seminar with Dr. Norbert Preetz 2012
  • OMNI Hypnosis Therapist (CH) incl. 2008 NGH Certification