Hypnotherapy for adults with HypnoKids® expert Barbara Scholl

Your problem in good hands

I invite you to my practice at the renowned OMNI Hypnosis Center in Effretikon, ZH, to solve your problem by means of revealing, cause-oriented hypnosis. I take enough time for you personally.

With these topics you can come to the practice in Zurich:

Topics that clients wish to solve range from depression, sleep disorders, fears of all kinds, allergies, low self-esteem to smoking cessation (in English only) and post-traumatic stress disorder – to name the most common.

By the way, there is no more natural method than hypnosis, because it is active help for self-help and allows you to regain your power and self-determination yourself. If you have any questions about your specific concern, please contact me by phone or e-mail. I will gladly take the time to give you more detailed information.

Specialized in short-term therapy

Through my goal- and result-oriented approach, I am able to help even supposedly complicated cases to a successful breakthrough within a very short time. We do not focus on the symptom, but on the origin, the trigger of your problem. Since we use your wonderful, highly intelligent subconscious mind in the state of hypnosis, only a few sessions are necessary to bring out the positive changes from within you – usually this is achieved in 1-3 sessions.

How should I imagine the process of a session?

The first session starts with a detailed anamnesis, followed by the detailed preliminary talk about hypnosis and then we get started. For the first session please plan 3-3.5 hours. A possible follow-up session will take about 1-1.5 hours.

Since in hypnosis you are in an expanded state of consciousness (no sleep), you can also remember the whole session and the healing hypnoanalysis afterwards …At any time I will guide you professionally, gently and safely through the transformation process that will enable you to achieve the desired change.

Many years of experience in the field of hypnosis

Since I have been providing therapy on a daily basis for many years, I have accumulated many hypnotherapy kilometers of experience. Of course, I also continuously educate myself on the international market. You are welcome to read more about me.

I also consider myself a “people person”. I like the personal contact with people and in combination with my passion for hypnosis I live my dream job.

By the way, many years ago I was able to solve a problem of my own that was very stressful for me. My brother, Hansruedi J. Wipf, President of OMNI Hypnosis International, treated me and after only one session a burden that had been with me for years was dissolved and completely gone. This self-experience flows into my work – I myself have experienced how fascinatingly our subconscious can be used to solve problems gently and efficiently. Let yourself be fascinated and solve your problem with hypnosis – with me or my team at your side.

Feedback for my work:

Grüezi, Welcome, Bem-Vindo! My name is Barbara Scholl and I am HypnoKids® Trainer | Author | Speaker OMNI & NGH cert. I ensure that hypnotherapists can work in a result-oriented way, especially in hypnotherapy for children and adolescents.

As a trainer at OMNI, the leading global organization for hypnosis training and continuing education with more than 50 locations in 20 countries, I am happy to be your contact for questions about HypnoKids®.

You don't have a basic hypnosis training yet? Don't worry! My personal recommendation: Check out the OMNI Hypnosis Training.

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